Monday, June 18, 2012

Top SEO Tips for Bloggers

Dear Blogger thank you very much for visiting my site. Here is top seo tips for new and advance blogger. All of these are most effective and tested by me.

1.Proper keywords selection
Though content is vital to a blog or website, the use of keywords is just as important. There are may keyword tools available , from there google’s adwords  is one of best keyword tools that help you to find a proper keyword or phrases of words that user will put into their search ingine box to find any desire topic related site.  Google adwords is free tools for user .it will show you monthly global search and monthly local search; you can get competition status by google’s adword.
2. Utilize internal links
Another important way of growing your search ranking is to interlink your blog posts so that visitors can read up on more information that you have earlier posted.  By internal link reader can read more information by clicking on link?  Suppose if you write an article and in the article you use some reference which previously used in your site
3. The importance of titles
Titles are part of the overall blogging package, which means that as google pays attention to them, so should you keep in mind that the words you use first in your title will naturally have more weight to them compared to other words in your title, so think about what you want to say.
If you basically desire to focus on the seo side of things then avoid insertion the name of your blog in the title tags of single posts. This will only grow weaker your keywords.
4. The benefits of social media
If you need to introduce huge reader for your blog you have to introduce with social media first. There are many popular social media such facebook.twitter. If many reader post or share your site link with other and post comments about your site status this can grow up your site ranking. If visitor or reader link your post on top social media such reddit, dig, delicious, stubleuopon you can boost your google ranking and your site will be popular to wide range.
5. Categories:
Search engine generally prefer sites that are well structured, you may use categories because categories are useful when it comes to separated you blog contents in the different areas of topic. And your blog use will feel easy to visit your site and it will allow you to make blog archive easily.
6 .the advantage of heading:
Proper heading are perfect thought it comes to break blog content in to easy convenient sections. Proper heading can help your blog mainly with seo(search engine optimization). Search engine looks proper heading to find a topic related article for its user. Catchy keywords in heading will draw more interest and will place your blog higher up the search algorithm too.
7. Limit your graphic design
Though graphic design is a curtail part of a blog but we see many blog or website loose the quality for using non professional graphical constant. For using high quality and big size image can down your site, it can take more time to load so the site will slow down, which prevents reader to visit long time your site or came back again to site, many designer use big size flash file but some of them forget to consider that this overload of flash file will slow their blog.
8. Proper url
Proper url is such important as heading and titles. It is important to include keyword in url. So make sure you keyword included in the url before submitted url. Example:
‘’  is more successful than

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